Where do you place a carbon monoxide (CO) detector?

We recommend at least one carbon monoxide detector in your home; however, you may have more than one but should keep the proper placement in mind. The recommendation is to place the detector in a room where you spend the majority of your time, such as a living room. Most detectors sold today are the electric style and need to be plugged into an outlet. With this in mind, place the detector towards the middle of the wall away from vents. 

Some areas to stay away from when placing detectors: 

  • Furnace rooms
  • Near gas fireplaces
  • Near entry doors from garages

Since carbon monoxide is always in the air at safe levels, false readings will occur if placed in areas where these gas appliances are operating.

Carbon monoxide gas will disperse evenly throughout your home with the air conditioner or gas furnace running.

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