2019 Rate Adjustments

The City of West Fargo has released the 2019 sanitation rates. The rates were adjusted after an analysis of the current structure found the fees collected were less than the cost to provide the services. These rates go into effect Jan. 1, 2019.

Residential Service Fee

2018 Monthly Rate2019 Monthly Rate
Single-family residence$13 $17.50
Multi-family building$13 per unit$5 per unit plus commercial dumpster fee (See below)

Commercial Dumpster Service Fee
Dumpster SizeMonthly rental feeMonthly service fee
1 yard$7.00$50.00
1.5 yards$7.00$60.00
2 yards$8.00$65.00
3 yards$9.00$80.00
4 yards$11.00$90.00
5 yards$13.00$105.00
6 yards$14.00$120.00
8 yards$17.00$150.00

*Monthly service fee listed is based on one dumpster service per week.

Roll-Off Rental Service Fee
Pull rateTipping fee per ton

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