Sheyenne Street Segment 3 - 32nd to 40th Ave.

About Project

The purpose of the proposed street improvement project is to widen Sheyenne Street from 32nd Avenue to 40th Avenue to address capacity needs, roadway reliability and social and economic development along the proposed corridor. The need for the proposed project is warranted by increasing motorist delay; congestion from development along the corridor; crash susceptibility issues; and lack of multimodal opportunities. 

Current and projected needs within this corridor include increasing capacity, addressing social demands, accommodating economic development and improving roadway reliability.

The project will involve the construction of improvements on Sheyenne Street consisting of a 4-lane concrete roadway with curb and gutter from 32nd Avenue to 40th Avenue, sidewalks, multi-use path, storm sewer, sanitary sewer force main relocation, sewer and water extensions, traffic signals, street lighting and other miscellaneous installations.

Estimated Construction Cost

  • $10 million

Project Schedule

All project schedules and work plans are subject to change based on weather and ground conditions.

  • Phase 1: April-June 2019
  • Phase 2: June-November 2019
  • Final Completion: June 2020
  • Project Complete: 95%

Completed Work

  • Underground (storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water main) between 32nd Avenue W. to the south of 40th Avenue W.  
  • Gravel base for 40th Avenue intersection
  • Reconstruction of 38th Avenue W. to 40th Avenue W. intersections including shared-use path on both sides of the roadway
  • Signal bases for 38th Avenue W. intersection

Current Work

  • Paving operations - medians and curb and gutter
  • Installation of the traffic signal at 38th Avenue W. 
  • Installation of street lights  
  • Graveling and paving operations for the shared-use path between 37th Avenue W. to 34th Avenue W.
  • Permanent roadway stripping between 38th Avenue W. to 32nd Avenue W.
  • Installation of decorative fencing
  • Landscaping and tree planting

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Traffic Impacts

  • Road closure of Sheyenne Street from the south edge of 32nd Avenue to north of 40th Avenue.
  • Intersection of 38th Avenue W. and Sheyenne Street is now open.
  • Local traffic will use 34 Avenue W. and Golden Spike to access the north neighborhoods.
  • Intersection of 40th Avenue W. and Sheyenne Street is now open:
    • OPEN: Two driving lanes for eastbound and west bound traffic with a dedicated left turn lane for westbound traffic
    • OPEN: Use of southbound Sheyenne Street toward 52nd Avenue roundabout
    • CLOSED: Northbound Sheyenne Street travel from 40th Avenue W.

Upcoming Work

  • Underground work
  • Paving preparation

Project Phasing

  • Phase 1 (April - June)
    • Traffic from the Windsor Greens, West River, and Borderud's Development on the east side of Sheyenne Street will be provided local access to Sheyenne Street via frontage road off of 32nd Avenue W.
    • Both 32nd and 40th Avenues will have temporary signal lights at Ninth Street W. prior to the detour to facilitate turning movements from Ninth Street W. onto 32nd and 40th Avenues.
  • Phase 2 (June - November)