Project Lifesaver Program

Transmitter and PLI-3000

Through the David Lemi Scholarship Fund, the West Fargo Police Department is pleased to offer the community access to the Project Lifesaver free of charge. Project Lifesaver provides transmitters for individuals with cognitive conditions that cause the propensity to wander, such as those with Alzheimer's or autism, so that they may be quickly found during periods of elopement.

Through the use of state-of-the-art radio frequency technology, innovative search and rescue techniques, and accredited first response training, Project Lifesaver member agencies have:

  • Successfully located more than 3,400 special needs individuals
  • Located individuals in less than 30 minutes, a 95 percent decrease in standard operations

For more information about Project Lifesaver, check out the Project Lifesaver website

If you are interested in enrolling in the Project Lifesaver Program, please fill out the contact form.

PLI-3000 up close
Transmitter being worn
Project Lifesaver Transmitter

David Lemi Logulomo Scholarship Fund

David Lemi Logulomo badge

David Lemi Logulomo was a young, autistic West Fargo resident who drowned in Summer 2018. With this scholarship fund, generously started by the Corwin Automotive Group, the West Fargo Police Department hopes to turn a tragedy into a lasting legacy of protection for our community.