Core Area Infrastructure Master Plan

A master plan is an invaluable tool to ensure investments to our community are systematic, justifiable and prioritized. The objective of this plan is to provide a prioritized list of projects to address defects in our aging infrastructure and ensure it will meet the City of West Fargo's long-term goals and needs. 

The final document will allow the city to pursue methods of funding that don't exclusively rely on special assessments by providing a well-thought, thorough statement of need and demonstrating unfunded infrastructure costs.

Following is a list of project deliverables:

  • Water, sewer, and storm infrastructure inventory and condition entered into our asset management system.
  • Water distribution system modeling to determine existing and future need:
    • Calibrate existing model.
    • Identify system inadequacies.
    • Identify improvement alternatives for existing and future conditions.
  • Storm sewer system modeling to address storage need and minimize localized flooding:
    • Sheyenne River model.
    • Downtown redevelopment model.
  • Evaluate and prioritize Infrastructure Improvements:
    • Develop ranking system and matrix.
    • Develop improvement corridors.
  • Cost estimates
  • Financing options
  • Final report

In summary, this plan is a valuable tool for the city to understand the magnitude of the improvements needed and establish a prioritized budget and schedule. This process will allow the city to schedule projects, reduce costs, plan for the future, provide transparency and respond to the needs of residents.

Project Schedule

  • Project Begin Date: February 2018
  • Project End Date: September 2019
  • Project Completion: 35%

Completed Work

  • City-provided data compilation
  • Sanitary and storm lift site inspections
  • Lift station index spreadsheet
  • Sanitary manhole inspections

Current Work

  • Scope amendment
  • Storm sewer and water model setup
  • Sewer televising review
  • Data collection

Upcoming Work

  • Storm model
  • Water model
  • Date evaluation

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