Crash Reports

Crash reports are $7 for the complete crash report.

However, upon affirmation by a party to the crash, a party's legal representative, or the insurer of any party to the crash that the investigating officer's opinion is material to a determination of liability and upon payment of a fee of five dollars, the director or investigating agency shall release a completed copy of the investigation officer's opinion to the entity requesting the information. The request must be made on an appropriate form approved by the director.

The West Fargo Police Department requires that a person or business that requests a copy of a Crash Worksheet may request from the department in person, mail, phone, fax or via email; upon request of any person and upon payment of a fee of two dollars, the director or the law enforcement agency may furnish to a requester a copy of that portion of an investigating officer's crash report which does not disclose the opinion of the reporting officer, if the report shows that the crash is one for which a driver is required to file a report under section 39-08-09.

Waiting period usually is 5 to 7 days. We cannot release a crash report until a West Fargo Police Department Supervisor has reviewed the accident report. 

Records Division Request for Report Form (PDF).

An online version of the Records Division Request for Report Form is available online through this link