Specific Record Requests

View the Records Division Request for Report form (PDF)

 An online version of the Records Division Request for Report Form is available online through this link

Requesting Public Records in ND

  • A request must reasonably identify specific records. 
  • The request can be made by any available medium – such as phone, email, mail – or in person, and does not have to be in writing.

Estimated charges must be paid before the department will provide records. 

  • Redaction Fee: State law requires confidential information to be redacted and allows exempt information to be redacted before the record is provided. The first hour of time required to collect and redact information is free; thereafter, the charge is $25 per hour.
  • Copies: $0.25 per page
  • Postage: Actual cost of mailing
  • Photographs: You must specify if you want the photocopies of photographs included with a report. 

Case Records that are sent to the court due to an arrest or pending charges can be obtained through the appropriate court by the defendant or representing attorney.