Resident Information

Interior Drainage

The Diversion does not assist with interior drainage. Thus residents should be aware of ponding of water in their yards caused by snow melt or heavy rains. Please be proactive and check the catch basins and rear yard drainage or proper operation. If you have walk out basements or other items which may be affected sandbags are available. If you are ever unsure please contact Public Works at 701-433-5400.

Sump Pumps

Many West Fargo Citizens are allowed (with a proper permit) to pump their sumps into the Sanitary Sewer during the winter. While this is a convenience to stop problems with ice forming it can be a major problem in the spring. During heavy melt or rains sump pumps may overwhelm the sanitary sewer systems and may cause sewage back up into homes. If you have any questions please contact Public Works at 701-433-5400.


Currently the City of West Fargo has no need for volunteer sandbaggers.