Westwood Neighborhood Infrastructure Project

Please read through the report, and complete the input survey at the bottom of the page by Friday, Nov. 18. Please note this survey is for residents who live in the red shaded area on the map below. 

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Introduction:Westwood Neighborhood Outline

Your neighborhood began in December 1957 
with the approval of the Westwood plat.

The original infrastructure is still in the neighborhood. Because of this, the 2019 Core Area Infrastructure Master Plan flagged Westwood as a high priority in West Fargo’s core.

The City is now exploring a Westwood project and would like your input. Please read this report to understand the infrastructure issues in Westwood. A survey link to provide your input is at the bottom of the report. 

Following this process, the City will provide the results of the survey and an engineer’s report for a potential project in the neighborhood. A cost estimate is not possible at the present time. However, local projects like these  generally receive 40% of their funds from the City. The remaining project costs come from special assessments, as well as potential grants and other sources.


  • No record of any significant street rehabilitation since the original installation in 1959.
  • Signs of structural failure are observable in the neighborhood. 


  • The neighborhood's drainage was designed in 1957 to direct stormwater runoff to the southeast of the neighborhood. At this location the storm sewer collects it and discharges it into the river. 
  • Over time, settlement (gradual caving) along the street is causing improper water drainage. Because of this, there are ponding areas along the curbs. 
  • Road deterioration is increasing with water ponding on the streets.

Sanitary Sewer:

  • The sanitary sewer consists of the original 8" Vitrified Clay Pipe (VCP).
  • The useful life of VCP is approximately 60 years. As it ages it becomes brittle and is prone to structural failures.
  • The current age of the neighborhood's VCP is approximatly 60 years. Several areas of structural failure are on record. 
  • Pipes that collapse can result in sewer backup into residences.

Water Main:

  • The water main consists of the original 8" Asbestos Cement Pipe (ACP).
  • The City of West Fargo has a standard of replacing all ACP pipe in reconstruction projects. 
  • The current age of the neighborhood's ACP is approximately 60 years. Studies show that the likelihood ACP breaks significantly increases after 50 years. 
  • Water main breaks cause disruption in residential water service.

Street Lighting:

  • Existing street lights are on wood poles. These wood poles are property of the utility company, not the City of West Fargo. 
  • Lighting is only at intersections, which is below current standards. 
  • Poor street lighting is a potential safety concern.


Westwood Neighborhood Street Example


Westwood Neighborhood Drainage Example

Sanitary Sewer (Oak Street)

Westwood Neighborhood Sanitary Sewer Example

Water Main

Westwood Neighborhood Water Main Example

Street Lighting

Westwood Neighborhood Street Light Example