Concrete Pavement Repair

Project Information

This project seeks to improve pavement conditions and preserve the integrity of the city’s collector and arterial roadway network.

Project Cost

  • Estimated Project Cost: $1.2 million

Project Status

  • Area A: 23rd Avenue E. (complete)
  • Area B: 26th Avenue E. (complete)
  • Area C: 31st Avenue E. (west of Fourth Street E.) (complete)
  • Area D: Ninth Street W. (complete)
  • Area E: First Avenue E. (complete)
  • Area F: Main Avenue W. (complete)
  • Area G: 13th Avenue W. (in progress)
    • Scheduled to open Thursday, Oct. 28
  • Area J: 12th Avenue NW and 12th Avenue NE (in progress)
    • Scheduled to open Friday, Oct. 29
  • Area K: 40th Avenue W. (complete)
  • Area M: 32nd Avenue W. (complete)
  • Area P: Seventh Street E. (complete)
  • Area S: 31st Avenue E. (east of Fourth Street E.) (complete)
  • Area T: 21st Street NW (complete)
Concrete Pavement Repair Project Location Map