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West Fargo Police Department
800 4 Ave E, Suite 2 Map
West Fargo, ND 58078
701-433-5508 (Fax)

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 West Fargo Police Employee History

Over many years, men and women have served the City of West Fargo to protect its citizens.  The lists below are a tribute to those who have completed their service and those who continue today.  These facts are to the best of our knowledge of names and dates.

Name Dates Employed Duties Notes
detail Trent Stanton 2006-Present Patrol, Detective
detail Brad Berg 2000-2009 Patrol, Investigations, DEA Drug Task Force First volunteer who was a licensed Police Officer
detail Terry Styf 1989-Present Patrol, Juvenile Officer
detail Al Schmidt 1995-2012 Patrol, Narcotics Officer
detail Wes Libner 1998-2000 Patrol, Narcotics Officer Took job with Fargo PD (ND)
detail Jason Hicks 2001-2006 Patrol, Narcotics Officer Took job with Clay County Sheriff's Dept (MN)
detail Todd Pearson 2000-Present Patrol, School Resource Officer
detail Jason Balvik 2005-Present Patrol, School Resource Officer
detail Skyler Dutton 2009-2013 Patrol, School Resource Officer
detail Jason Anderson 1998-Present Patrol, School Resource Officer, Sergeant
detail Gary Bommersbach 1984-Present Patrol, Sergeant
detail Jason Dura 1996-Present Patrol, Sergeant
detail Gerald Boyer 2003-Present Patrol, Sergeant
detail Mike Reitan 1987-Present Patrol, Sergeant, Captain, Assistant Chief
detail Greg Warren 1975-Present Patrol, Sergeant, Detective
detail Joseph Birrenkott 1980-Present Patrol, Sergeant, Detective
detail Duane Sall 1992-Present Patrol, Sergeant, Lieutenant
detail Doug Mack 1974-2008 Patrol, Sergeant, Truck Regulatory Retired
detail Miles Orth 2002-Present Patrol, Support Services Officer
detail Pete Nielsen 1999-Present Patrol, Support Services Officer, K9 with Disco
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